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A Fun Baby Gender Reveal Photo Shoot

July 1, 2014

I get overly excited sometimes when I get to photograph things that are not weddings. Now, don’t read that wrong…it’s not that I don’t like photographing weddings, cause boy do I love what I get to do!! Weddings are my favorite!! It’s just that when you’ve come off of a busy wedding season and all you’ve seen are dresses,  the latest and greatest decorations and gorgeous bouquets you jump at the option of something different. That something different was a baby gender reveal photo shoot. So you might be thinking what the heck is that? It sounds a bit strange. Well the newest wave in maternity photos is revealing the gender of your baby using color and some cute cleveractivity. When Carrie came to me asking me to do these photos for her and Martin, I was THRILLED. She said they wanted to do something different. None of us wanted to do the photos that we’ve previously seen all over pinterest. The balloons popping out of a box, the hands on the belly photo where you reveal the underside of them painted in some wonderful shade of pastel pink or blue, the silly string photo…. They’re all great but they’ve all been done numerous times. One day while hanging out on the internet searching for ideas—and coming up with nothing—it hit me. A pillow fight with colored feathers to reveal the baby’s gender!! I was completely head-over-heels for the idea but of course what matters to me is that the couple is head-over-heels. They loved it and it seemed like the perfect idea for these two. I won’t tell you the gender of the baby I think the photos will help with that. The day of the photo shoot Carrie had to search for feathers and luckily stores actually carry colored feathers. It might be in feather boa form but they have them. They came over, had a fun dinner I had the honor of whipping up along with some great craft beverages that they brought as a gift, we ate some dinner and chilled out for a bit, and then went outside to do the shoot. We parked ourselves in front of a corn field and had ourselves a good ol’ fashioned pillow fight. Take a look!Charleston Wedding Photographer_Charleston Photographer_0762.jpg Charleston Wedding Photographer_Charleston Photographer_0763.jpg Charleston Wedding Photographer_Charleston Photographer_0764.jpg Charleston Wedding Photographer_Charleston Photographer_0765.jpg Charleston Wedding Photographer_Charleston Photographer_0766.jpg Charleston Wedding Photographer_Charleston Photographer_0767.jpg Charleston Wedding Photographer_Charleston Photographer_0768.jpg Charleston Wedding Photographer_Charleston Photographer_0769.jpg Charleston Wedding Photographer_Charleston Photographer_0770.jpg Charleston Wedding Photographer_Charleston Photographer_0771.jpg

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