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Cake Smash Photos for a 30th Birthday

May 24, 2016

Celebrating Life in All Seasons

It’s so important to celebrate life in every season and every milestone age. It seems that once you turn a certain age you stop taking photos to celebrate those milestones. Other than wedding photos or family photos, once children are born most people don’t just have photos of themselves taken.

I’m sure you’ve seen photos of children eating their first cake posted on various forms of social media. This is called a “cake smash” photo (or Smash cake). But it’s also normal to see school day photos and other achievements photographed and celebrated. It’s pretty rare that you see someone turning any age above 18 having their photos made. Until now… Yes, we’ve all probably seen the recent “cake smash” recreations that have virally made their way into social media. These images cracked me up. Who doesn’t love a good re-creation of a photo especially if it involves a smashing cake? I’m sad I’m not the one that had the first idea to do this type of shoot, but I’m super glad I convinced a friend of mine to do one. It just looked like too much fun!

A Friend Turns 30 and Wants to do a Cake Smash

Conveniently my friend Amanda was turning 30 in April and since we were also throwing her a surprise party, I just knew these photos would make a nice distraction from the fact that there was a party coming up. Amanda just thought she was doing a really fun photo shoot for her 30th and that would suffice as a celebration. We absolutely did have A LOT of fun doing the shoot, but we couldn’t let her turn 30 without celebrating.


Bring on the Cake Smashing!

Seriously, this was probably one of the most fun photo shoots I’ve done. I am completely sold out for doing more like this one. Cake smash or not I have to do more photos like this. We used my backyard as the location for this shoot. Super easy since Amanda really didn’t feel like stuffing her face with cake (literally) while wearing a tutu in public. I don’t blame her, although now the images of her doing that are out there for all to see. Ha! It was really fun planning the different things we wanted in the photos.

Naturally Amanda’s favorite wine had to be in there as well as some of her favorite vintage items from her house. Since she’s a huge fan of Toms shoes she definitely had to wear a pair of those. I love including items in photos that have significance in a person’s life in general, but when doing a photo shoot to celebrate a season of life like this it was most important to have those things. We also created a typical “kids” chalkboard with all of Amanda’s likes and accomplishments listed. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to create a chalkboard like this one. I’m no “Charleston Chalk Chick” but I sure did try to be like Jen. (seriously though if you need super cool chalkboard creations she’s your go-to for that!)

Amanda’s Thoughts on the Experience.

I asked Amanda to write a little something about the experience from her perspective. She told me that she thought everyone should do one of these photo shoots and then told me it was one of the best days of her life! Now that’s a true testimony to how much fun we had. Here’s what she had to say:

“I write this after looking through all of the photo’s I had the pleasure of taking in celebration of 30 years of life.  Some people may think that there are only certain milestones that are worthy of a photography session, and I was probably one of them.  First birthdays, Sweet sixteens, high school graduations, weddings; all of these are traditional moments to be captured in photographs, but what about the other moments?  There are other moments that can be profoundly special and impactful in life, and for me, these photos are one of those moments.  They make it possible for me to relive the laughter and the joy I experienced that day, the afternoon that celebrated me and all of my beauty and quirkiness. I would never acknowledge the fact that I am beautiful, nor have I ever really believed that, but these photos make me see it. I can see myself clearly in these photos and will be able to look back on those moments with joy and know that in that moment I was completely me.  I encourage anyone, at any milestone moment in life, even if others may not see it as that, to celebrate it! Take a photo, or write about it, just do something in celebration of you.  You will not regret it and it will impact you in ways you cannot even imagine.”

Children and Babies Shouldn’t Have All the Fun!

Not only do I love how this shoot made Amanda feel (that seriously made my day reading that) but I also love that we ended the shoot with a few photos in front of Amanda’s parent’s house where she grew up. Luckily we live in the same neighborhood. Perfect! I won’t include the images of her skipping in front of the house to spare her the embarrassment, but let’s just say they’re pretty hilarious.

Now that I’ve done a cake smash photo shoot like this it really does leave me asking the questions, why do children and babies get to have all the fun and make a mess out of their cake and why doesn’t everyone do this? Cake smash photos, they’re not just for babies anymore! 🙂 Let’s schedule yours today!

If you’re wanting to do one of these shoots please message me! I would love to help you celebrate YOU at any age that you’re turning. Message me for details. I might just be running a special for this type of shoot.

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