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Pour Taproom Charleston

September 25, 2018

Great Beer and Beautiful Rooftop Views

Beer is one of my favorite things! But not just any beer. I love a good craft beer made with coffee or some crazy peppers. Westbrook Mexican Cake anyone? When Pour Taproom opened up in Charleston I really couldn’t wait to go there. The place is amazing!! It has THE best rooftop views in Charleston and the best beer selection too. If you haven’t checked it out yet here’s the deal, when you arrive at Pour you get one of those QR codes on a lanyard and you have a huge selection of beer to choose from that you get to pour for yourself. You are charged by the ounce. So you take that handy QR code and scan it in front of the beer of your choice, pour yourself however much you want and enjoy. Once you’ve had enough you check out. It’s super easy and a lot of fun. If you’re like me you almost always can’t decide on a beer to order because they all sound good. Also, if you’re like me you can only handle one or two beers. Anyway, Pour Taproom is my new favorite place because I can sample lots of beers at once without potentially wasting a whole glass (and too much money) if  I don’t like it. On top of all that great beer, they have AMAZING food!! Basically some of the best shrimp and grits and poutine I’ve ever had. Their menu changes so go often so you don’t miss out!

Needless to say, when they approached me to take some photos for them I jumped at the opportunity! I love an opportunity to help a restaurant or a business grow their business with photos. Commercial photography and personal branding photography is quickly becoming a favorite of mine!

Here’s a look those photos.

balcony at pour

rooftop beer at pour taproom

shrimp and grits at pour

selection of beer at pour taproom

interior of pour taproom

food at pour taproom

poutine at pour taproom

sliders at pour taproom

salad at pour

Now give them a visit! Pour Taproom website:

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