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Strikingly Gorgeous Historic Rice Mill Wedding

March 12, 2015

This Historic Rice Mill wedding I had the honor of photographing is truly one of my favorites! Seriously, someone pinch me!! I have days like today where I’m really feeling blessed and completely honored that I get to photograph so many gorgeous Charleston weddings. This is my job, it’s so not a “job” when you absolutely love what you do!  I get to capture a couple’s love story from their engagement to their wonderful wedding day and it blows my mind that this is what I do for a living!! Running your own business has it’s quirks don’t get me wrong, but the pros completely outweigh the cons. I first met Sam and Ean on the day Ean proposed to Sam. I LOVE it when I get to photograph a proposal. It’s just such a sweet moment in a couple’s life and so much fun to witness. They have a great story, I’ll leave that for another blog post. Sam and Ean’s wedding day was met with a little chill in the air but that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. I showed up to the hotel for some getting ready photos and there was definitely a calmness in the room and overall joy in the air. I knew this was going to be a good day. The two of them opted for a first look on the dock that runs along the back of the Rice Mill. Choosing to do a first look always makes me a happy photographer and I think the choice was so wise on their part. Not only did they opt for a first look but Sam decided to do one with her dad as well. So sweet!! I see this becoming more of thing at weddings and I just love it so much!   Scheduling a time to see each other before the wedding really allowed them to enjoy more of their day together. Their ceremony was held out on the back deck of the Rice Mill. It’s a perfect little spot for a ceremony and the Rice Mill building with it’s beautiful old brick and large windows makes for a great backdrop. Sam had planned a couple of surprises in the day that Ean didn’t know about. Apparently Ean is a huge Mario Bros fan. Sam had planned for the theme music to that video game to play right before she walked down the aisle. She also had the cutest kids make an appearance down the aisle dressed as Mario and the Princess. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. The look on Ean’s face was priceless and it really was a super cute moment. Another little element of surprise for Ean was in the wedding cake. OH that wedding cake!! Seriously, I’d tell you to scroll down and look at it before you finish reading this cause it’s just that amazing….but I’m almost done. 🙂 So yeah, the wedding cake was beyond glorious, but what was even more amazing is they had Mario busting out of the side of it. Yep you read that right. Hard to picture? Wait until you see it. Crazy talent in that cake lady!! This wedding was truly one for the books. With fabulous design and decor done by the always amazing Wildflowers Inc, Sam and Ean had THE wedding of the year! It was perfectly decked out in pearls, shades of purple (my favorite) and gold, and sequined table runners…you just need to see it. Scroll away!!




Planning, design and flowers: Wildflowers Inc

Dress: Gown Boutique or Charleston

Hair and Makeup: Ash & Co

Rentals: Snyder Event Rentals 

Cake: Artistic Cakes by Linda

Catering: Good Food Catering

Venue: Historic Rice Mill

DJ: Ric Rush 

Ceremony Music: Justin Parrish

Photography: Jeanne Mitchum Photography 


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