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A Major Flooding and A Wedding on a Boat

October 21, 2015

I got to sit down with Deanne and Eric and discuss their wedding over lunch one afternoon several months ago. They were super excited about having a fabulous Charleston wedding on the Carolina Girl and I was equally excited. A boat ride in the harbor is always a good time, throw a wedding in there and you’re golden! It’s safe to say that none of us would have ever anticipated a major storm in Charleston that caused some devastating flooding. But that’s exactly what happened the weekend of Deanne and Eric’s wedding. I happened to have two weddings on that eventful weekend. More on that wedding in the next blog post. I boarded the Carolina Girl a little early that day surprisingly so because I expected many traffic delays getting there. It was smooth sailing (pun intended) and I was about an hour early. The lovely Shauntel from Sage Innovations was setting up one of the main rooms for what would be a pretty gorgeous wedding with beautiful floral arrangements by Tiger Lily in shades of pink. It really looked spectacular and was a wonderful site to be seen considering the gloom out the windows. I’ll admit I was a tad nervous about being on a boat in the kind of weather we were having, but when you really think about it, where else should you be when there’s a horrible flood? On a boat of course! It stopped raining literally for a minute and we got to take a few shots on the front of the boat but we’re scheduling a time to go out and take more photos on a sunny day. Deanne and Eric had a fantastic wedding despite many changes and just some downright ridiculous weather. They were troopers the whole day and after it was all said and done it really ended up being lovely wedding!



Linens: Snyder

Accessories: Eventhaus

Cake: Ashley Bakery

Florist: Tiger Lily

Catering: Duvall

Event Planning and coordination: Sage Innovations

Photographer: Jeanne Mitchum Photography

Venue: The Carolina Girl Yacht

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