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I dig couples who are quirky, eclectic and unconventional, probably because I carry that vibe as well. It is important to celebrate who you are individually and as a couple. If that looks like zombies and comic books, bring it on! If that looks like marching down the street to your very own saxophone player, freakin sweet! Whatever brings out your best—most authentic self is what I'll encourage you to do. And don't worry I'll be at your Charleston wedding capturing all of your awkward grins, the stolen glances, and the shy smiles...and I'll write about it all here.  

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Today I have a lovely Savannah wedding for you! When I first got an email from Dawn telling me her plans for getting married in Savannah I almost jumped for joy right out of my chair. I love Savannah! In 2003 I attended Savannah College of Art and Design. It was a short time that […]

Here it is the much anticipated blog post with the five finalists for the 2014 Big Wedding Giveaway!! Let me tell you, this was NOT easy. I wanted to just include everyone that entered this contest. They all had great stories and unique weddings. But the rules are only 5. So to keep everyone’s anticipation […]

This past weekend was a busy one! The chores leading up to the Charleston bridal show started earlier in the week with a staining job on the fabulous walls a good friend of mine built for me. After staining one of three flats I was left thinking what in the world have I gotten myself […]

So you’re going to a bridal show?!?! Let me just start by saying those things can and will be overwhelming but they can be a LOT of fun too. Most people don’t know what to expect when planning a wedding in the first place—so having a bunch of vendors in one room for one day […]

So it really hasn’t been that long since the last big giveaway, but I really wanted to do another one. My plan is to make this an annual giveaway as part of whatever bridal show I might be doing. So the January Charleston Bridal Show is coming up and I thought why not give away […]


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