Celebrating Life in All Seasons It’s so important to celebrate life in every season and every milestone age. It seems that once you turn a certain age you stop taking photos to celebrate those milestones. Other than wedding photos or family photos, once children are born most people don’t just have photos of themselves taken. […]

Who Doesn’t Love Marriage Advice? I got to photograph the sweetest wedding at Pepper Plantation, you can read about it here. When Meg and Robbie contacted me because they wanted to do another photo shoot with me, I was so thrilled. They’re just the cutest couple. Since doing this shoot I asked Megan if they […]

I get overly excited sometimes when I get to photograph things that are not weddings. Now, don’t read that wrong…it’s not that I don’t like photographing weddings, cause boy do I love what I get to do!! Weddings are my favorite!! It’s just that when you’ve come off of a busy wedding season and all […]

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