Celebrating Life in All Seasons It’s so important to celebrate life in every season and every milestone age. It seems that once you turn a certain age you stop taking photos to celebrate those milestones. Other than wedding photos or family photos, once children are born most people don’t just have photos of themselves taken. […]

I get overly excited sometimes when I get to photograph things that are not weddings. Now, don’t read that wrong…it’s not that I don’t like photographing weddings, cause boy do I love what I get to do!! Weddings are my favorite!! It’s just that when you’ve come off of a busy wedding season and all […]

This past weekend was a busy one! The chores leading up to the Charleston bridal show started earlier in the week with a staining job on the fabulous walls a good friend of mine built for me. After staining one of three flats I was left thinking what in the world have I gotten myself […]

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