Why it's one of my favorite venues

it's on the water!

Congratulations! Getting engaged is such an exciting experience, and I look forward to hearing your personal engagement story (one of the awesome perks of being a wedding photographer). Whether you are planning a destination wedding in Charleston or you are from the area, as you've started considering wedding venues, you may have found that there are a lot of options. Let me suggest one of my favorites: The Historic Rice Mill.
One of the biggest reasons I love this Charleston wedding venue is the opportunities it provides for great photographs. Even if you choose to have your ceremony inside, waterfront photos are a must. While group waterfront photos are great, I consider waterfront couple pictures even more essential. Photos of couples kissing or holding hands with the water in the background are some of the most beautiful wedding pictures. To add an extra element to your waterfront photos, be sure at least some of them include the breathtaking sunset over the water.

"Historic" is right in the name of the Historic Rice Mill, and your wedding photo album would not be complete without some photos that capture the historic value of this venue. Built in 1861, it is one of only three antebellum mills left in Charleston. Along with the great waterfront views, one of the biggest reasons couples fall in love with this venue is the beautiful exposed brick. Whether inside or outside, these brick walls provide a gorgeous backdrop for wedding photos.  

Ceremony ideas

One of the best things about this venue is that you have both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony options. If you want a small, intimate ceremony, the Marina Room, which can accommodate up to 80 people, is a great indoor ceremony choice.
Of course, since this venue is right on the waterfront, many couples prefer to take advantage of the outdoor space for their ceremony, which I think is a great idea. After all, while the indoor space is beautiful, you really cannot fully appreciate this venue's value if you don't spend some time outside. An Outdoor Waterfront ceremony, which is probably one of the most beautiful ceremony options ever, allows for 150 guests. If you plan on a larger group, there can be up to 250 guests at your under the oaks ceremony at the front of the building.

If you are having an indoor reception, the weather likely will not be an issue. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, which is definitely something I would suggest, you'll likely want a spring or fall wedding since Charleston's summers can get hot and humid. Also, pay careful attention to your ceremony time. The back deck (which is gorgeous for ceremonies) can be super bright and hot depending on the time of day. 

Time of year

The food might be my favorite!

Some of the best food I've ever had at weddings has come from this place (and I've had my fair share of wedding food over the years)! If you've ever read online reviews of the Historic Rice Mill, you've likely encountered a lot of praise for Good Food Catering, the catering service at the venue. The food is made onsite, and your wedding party can enjoy an array of awesome dishes. That's right, when you book the Rice Mill you've booked your caterer too! How’s that for two things checked off your massive list? Whether you are looking for fresh seafood, great vegetarian options, perfectly cooked meat dishes, delicious chocolaty dishes, or something else, your guests will likely be gushing about the great food long after the reception is over. Plus, the venue has a huge antique bar, which everyone is sure to love.

While I have fallen in love with this venue, I don't expect you to just take my word for it when it comes to the greatness of the Historic Rice Mill. Instead, consider what others have said about this venue. It has gotten nearly perfect reviews on both The Knot and Wedding Wire. Weddings at the venue have also been featured in a variety of online publications, including Southern Bride, The Wedding Row, and A Lowcountry Wedding.

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